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Week of September 25 to October 1

ONLINE and ON THE PHONE: To see well, see good
Guest: George Nutwell
Our guest this week, George Nutwell, has learned that that adage, “Every cloud has a silver lining,” is true. But it’s not about looking for the positive in a negative; it’s about using adverse circumstances to discover more about God and the ever-present good God is always giving us.

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El Heraldo de la Christian Science

(Spanish Radio Edition)

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  • October 1: Venga Tu reino [Thy kingdom come]
    Jose Rodriguez Pelaez – Christiane West Little – Analia Jurado Salgado – Patricia del Castillo – Consuelo Mendoza
  • October 8: Libre de problemas agobiantes [No problem is too big for God]
    Christiane West Little – Yamile Fino – Norma Elba Villegas
  • October 15: El descanso junto a aguas de reposo [Rest beside still waters]
    Monica Passaglia – Isabel Herrera Blossier – Stephanie Palau – Patricia del Castillo – Consuelo Mendoza – Pancho Herczeg
  • October 22: Éxito y no fracaso [Success, not failure]
    Lorenzo Rodriguez – Cristina Torfer – Sandra Luzio – Patricia del Castillo – Consuelo Mendoza
  • October 29: La curación del pesar [Grief healed]
    Gladys Pombo – Mirta Piccoli – Gaby Urbano Domínguez – Julio Rivas – María Antonia Caporizzo – Olga Chaffee
  • November 5: En dónde está la provisión diaria [Where is our daily supply]
    Cristina Minola – María Emilia Aprile
  • November 12: Acción de Gracias 2011 [Thanksgiving 2011]
    Olga Chaffee – Jose Rodriguez Pelaez – Alba Maffei – Juanita Ulloa – Maritza Añez – Patricia del Castillo – Consuelo Mendoza
  • November 19: Acción de Gracias 2012 [Thanksgiving 2012]
    Monica Passaglia – Walter Lino – Flor de Maria Huezo – Gloria Burgert de Ciampitti – Mari Milone – Patricia del Castillo – Consuelo Mendoza
  • November 26: Gratitud: Una amplificación del bien pasado, presente y por venir [Gratitude: an amplification of past, present, and upcoming good]
    Christiane West Little – Daniel Torres – Isabel Yañez – Fernanda Smara – Elba Perroni – Ricardo Agudelo Reyna