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A lifetime of God’s love and care

(Guest: Robert Wright)
Week of May 20
On this program we look at six verses in the Bible that have been such a great source of comfort to so many—the twenty-third Psalm. You can hear how the ideas in this psalm have inspired, helped, and healed our guest, and how he has seen its promise fulfilled that “goodness and mercy shall follow [us] all the days of [our lives].” Who wouldn’t want goodness and mercy as constant companions throughout our lives? Discover how this divine love and care is yours, too.
How can I move from burnout to balance in my life?

(Guest: Joni Overton-Jung)
Week of May 27
Our guest will answer questions on overcoming burnout and living a balanced life that you have sent in via our website, You can hear how understanding our spiritual identity as God’s loved child can help us get beyond just coping with the pace of our life to finding a spiritual basis for a balanced life full of energy and joy.
NOTE: This podcast will be LIVE on on Monday, May 20, 2019 at noon CT.
Painful tooth healed through prayer

(Guest: Laura Lapointe )
Week of June 3
Our guest will discuss how she turned to prayer when she had a painful tooth condition. She relied on God for healing, instead of turning to medicine, and discovered that the divine Love that is God could indeed remove the pain and fear and bring complete healing.
What does it take to be healed spiritually?

(Guests: Amy Richmond, Mark Unger, Jenny Sawyer)
Week of June 10
This podcast focuses on how in an age of many medical advances, the struggle with disease goes on. In light of this struggle, it’s no surprise that many people are exploring alternative healing methods in their search for health. The guests share how they have found a spiritual basis for health and well-being to be both reliable and effective.
Wealth gap or God’s perfect provision

(Guest: Neera Kapur)
Week of June 17
Our guest shares what she has learned about the provision available to all through God’s love. And she shows how knowing this spiritual abundance that is infinite and is provided equally to all of God’s children has enabled her to help others discover what they need to make progress.
How can I progress spiritually in a world full of distractions?

(Guest: Michael Pabst)
Week of June 24
Our guest will discuss how we can progress spiritually in a world full of distractions. This discussion will include answers to questions that you have sent in via our website, You will hear how understanding our spiritual nature provides us with the strength and persistence we need to turn away from self-defeating ways of acting, to discover the joy and freedom that spiritual living brings.

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  • May 12: Dios, un Padre-Madre presente en todo (God, Father-Mother present everywhere)
  • May 19: Remediar definitivamente los problemas que reaparecen (A permanent remedy for recurring problems)
  • May 26: La espiritualidad y su trabajo (Spirituality and your job)
  • June 2: Con el infinito por compañía (The Infinite is our companion)
  • June 9: Para encontrar dirección en la vida (Finding direction in life)
  • June 16: ¿Qué es salud duradera? (What is enduring health?)
  • June 23: Dios cuida a la familia (God cares for our family)
  • June 30: El progreso gobernado por Dios (God-governed progress)