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Need a fresh start? Forgive!

(Guests: Moji George, Nancy Mullen, and Rita Polatin)
Week of January 20
Discover how to have a fresh start in your life. Our guests discuss the fact that many people have found that the first thing they need to do is forgive. Whether you need to forgive another person who has harmed you, or yourself for mistakes you’ve made, forgiveness can put you on the path to a fresh start and a new life full of promise and joy. Listen to learn more about the freedom of forgiveness,
"I understand God in my head, but I don't feel Her in my

(Guests: Amy Richmond, Mark Unger, and Jenny Sawyer)
Week of January 27
Our guests discuss how to feel and experience God’s presence. They share how realizing that God’s love and presence have been here all along opens up thought to experiencing God’s love and care. And they share experiences where they were able to feel God more tangibly in their heart and God’s presence in their life. Tune in to learn more about how to tangibly feel God’s presence.
What is animal magnetism?

(Guest: Evan Mehlenbacher)
Week of February 3
Our guest looks at the concept of evil and a term Christian Science uses to help us understand it—animal magnetism. Our guest explains what this apprehension means, as well as how to recognize animal magnetism in our daily lives and prove it to be powerless. He explains the tools we have to disarm animal magnetism and its effects through understanding God and our spiritual nature as God’s expression, which brings healing and regeneration into our lives. Tune in to hear more about what animal magnetism is and how you can prove its powerlessness.
A practical repentance

(Guest: Elise Moore)
Week of February 10
This week's podcast assures us that everyone has what it takes to change their life through the practical repentance Christ Jesus illustrated in his healing love. He instructed us to repent, and said: “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly” (John 10:10). Our guest shows us how prayer can help us change the way we think, from having a limited concept of God and ourselves to accepting our unlimited spiritual nature as a beloved child of the infinite God. This knowledge erases problems and brings abundant good into our lives.Listen to discover how you can repent—change your thought—and find healing.
You belong to ME

(Guest: Melanie Ball)
Week of February 17
Discover how empowering it is to understand how deeply loved we are by God. This knowledge put our guest on a spiritual path that opened the
way to healing during times of great need. An insight she received in prayer cemented her conviction that we are not faulty mortals, alone in the world and struggling to get by, but instead are divine Love’s cherished children, belonging to God. Tune in to discover the health, joy, fulfillment, and freedom brought by understanding how deeply loved by God you are.
Christ: The door to healing and for healers

(Guests: Connie Coddington and Barbara Vining)
Week of February 24
Our guests discuss the light Jesus threw on the nature of his healing practice when he said, “I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved” (John 10:9). They show how we can follow Christ Jesus’ teachings and example by letting our spiritual identity be expressed through our humanity, and how healing happens in Christian Science—in which God, working in human consciousness, changes our thought from accepting material limitation to perceiving God’s infinite goodness and power. Listen to hear how you too can enter through the door that brings healing, transforms your life, and enables you to heal others.

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  • January 19: No tengamos miedo de fracasar — Dios lo puede abastecer de lo que necesita (Let’s not be afraid of failure — God gives us what we need)
  • January 26: Una libertad que todo lo abarca (Freedom permeates our lives)
  • February 2: ¿Cuáles son las raíces del progreso? (What are the roots of progress?)
  • February 9: Hay mucho bien para todos (There is abundant good for all)
  • February 16: Nuestro derecho a la estabilidad (Our right to stability)
  • February 23: El gobierno de Dios (Divine government)
  • March 1: ¿Hay algo que sea inevitable? (Is there such a thing as the inevitable?)