Christian Science Sentinel Watch

ONLINE: Week of January 17 to 23

You are one with God
Guest: John Tyler
If you long to feel closer to God, join us as we discuss with our guest, John Tyler, how everyone has an intimate relation to God and how to discover it. Getting a sense of your oneness with God really can change your life in the very best of ways.

ON THE PHONE: Week of January 17 to 23

Moving forward after infidelity  
Guest: Gay Bryant Flatt
If you were faced with infidelity, what would you do? Our guest shares how she dealt with this difficult situation and the spiritual lessons she learned along the way.

ONLINE: Week of January 24 to 30

Who do you think you are?
Guest: Diana Davis Butler 
How you think about yourself matters. As this week’s guest explains, when our view of our identity is rooted in the Divine—instead of human personality, history, flaws, or talents—we discover a more secure, healthy, and whole sense of ourselves. And this can lead to healing.

ON THE PHONE: Week of January 24 to 30

Listen to God  
Guest: Bobby Lewis
In a war zone or struggling after returning from one, in the mountains or on the streets of a city, we can always listen for ideas and insights from God that keep us safe and enable us to live our lives more lovingly. Our guest shares lessons he has learned from hearing and heeding God’s guidance.

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