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Healing restores love of Christian Science

(Guest: Edwin de Leon)
Week of October 14
On this podcast, we hear from a guest who became alienated from the Christian Science movement because of a troubling experience he had as a teenager. Later in life, he was diagnosed as medically incurable and degenerative, which propelled him to think deeply about faith, medicine, and God, until an experience of non-judgmental love turned him back to God for healing. Tune in to hear more about our guest’s searching questions, and the genuine answers he found.
What truly governs us?

(Guests: Bosede Funmilola Bakarey, Judy Wolff, and Tony Lobl)
Week of October 21
On this week's podcast, our guests share their understanding of God as the only real lawgiver and power. They discuss how praying with this understanding can lead to healing, and help our governments, even when politics feel divisive and frustrating. Listen to learn more about how you can experience the power of God’s good government in your life.
How can I find simplicity in the complexity of modern life?

(Guest: Nate Frederick)
Week of October 28
This podcast will feature a discussion about how we can find simplicity in the complexity of modern life. Our discussion has been informed by questions from our listeners. Our guest talks about how he found peace and order by praying to God, and letting those answers lead his daily life. Listen to learn more about how you can find simplicity and peace in your daily life.

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El Heraldo de la Christian Science (Spanish Radio Edition)

Visit The Herald of Christian Science website ( where you’ll find The Herald published in 14 languages. And listen to El Heraldo on Sundays at 7:30 AM on KZZA 106.7 FM. Upcoming local broadcasts are:

  • October 13: La oración responde a los accidentes (A prayerful response to accidents)
  • October 20: Nunca estamos separados de Dios (Never separated from God)
  • October 27: La enseñanza de nuestros hijos (Teaching our children)
  • November 3: No tengamos miedo de fracasar — Dios lo puede abastecer de lo que necesita (Let’s not be afraid of failure — God gives us what we need)
  • November 10: La base espiritual de nuestro valor (The spiritual foundation of our worth)
  • November 17: Ideas para vencer la ansiedad (Conquering anxiety)
  • November 24: Gratitud: Una amplificación del bien pasado, presente y por venir (Gratitude: an amplification of past, present, and upcoming good)
  • December 1: La atmósfera de pensamiento (Atmosphere of thought)
  • December 8: Una comunicación armoniosa, eficaz, y duradera (Harmonious, effective, and lasting communication)
  • December 15: Nuestra unidad con Dios (Our unity with God)
  • December 22: Navidad (Christmas)
  • December 29: La fuente de nuestra fortaleza (The source of our strength)