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Week of March 20 to 26

ONLINE: Women in the Bible: How their stories help us
Guest: Madelon Maupin
When you think of notable women who’ve shaped the world we live in today, do you think of Lydia? Or how about Abigail? Our guest this week discusses the stories—and impact—of these and other female biblical figures and invites you to consider with her their continuing relevance.

ON THE PHONE (214-447-9675 or 817-259-1620): Law and order
Guest: Kevin Ness
Host David Brown speaks with Christian Science teacher and trained lawyer, Kevin Ness, about how Christian Science helped his former legal practice. Kevin shares how what he learned from law helped his practice of Christian Science, and how those lessons support law and order.

Week of March 27 to April 2

ONLINE, Topic 1: Don’t be deceived!
Guest: John Biggs
“Pick a card, any card.” That’s how many card tricks start out. What makes a card trick successful also provides a useful lesson in how to focus on God and experience more effective spiritual healing. Join host David Brown and guest John Biggs to learn more.

ONLINE, Topic 2: From the archives: How can evil exist?
Guest: David Driver
If God really is all good and omnipresent, then where did evil come from and how can it even exist? We reached back into our archives to share this podcast segment from 1996. But the guest speaks in a way that is fresh today, and his message is timeless.

ON THE PHONE (214-447-9675 or 817-259-1620): Let yourself be loved
Guest: Tony Lobl
Love is the topic of the day: romantic love, familial love—all kinds of love. It’s what we all long for, but often feel we’re missing. This week’s guest, Tony Lobl, talks about what he’s learned about feeling true love in a consistent, tangible way. It all starts with God.

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Programs via Telephone

You can hear the Christian Science Sentinel Watch or Weekly Bible Lesson programs any time via a local DFW-area phone number. Just call the numbers shown and make your selection to hear the programs.

  • 214-447-9675 (which is 214-HIS-WORK) or 817-259-1620
    • Christian Science Sentinel Watch
    • Christian Science Quarterly Weekly Bible Lessons
    • Five “Daily Lifts”
  • 214-447-9679 or 817-259-1647
    • El Heraldo de la Christian Science — Spanish Radio Edition (El Heraldo de la Ciencia Cristiana)

Broadcasts in Spanish

Lección Bíblica semanal

(Weekly Bible Lesson in Spanish)

El Heraldo de la Christian Science

(Spanish Radio Edition)

Visit The Herald of Christian Science website (https://herald.christianscience.com/) where you’ll find The Herald published in 14 languages. And listen to El Heraldo on Sundays at 7:30 AM on KZZA 106.7 FM. Upcoming local broadcasts are:

  • March 12: El cuidado de los niños [Caring for children]
    Monica Passaglia – Ingrid Butaya – Sandra Luzio – Patricia del Castillo – Consuelo Mendoza
  • March 19: Dios: la única influencia legítima en su vida [God: your only legitimate influence]
    Monica Passaglia – Guillermina Gonzalez – Maria Jose Ocaña – Patricia del Castillo
  • March 26: ¿Cuánto valgo? [How much am I worth]
    Christiane West Little – Jorge Urbina – Monica Passaglia – Consuelo Mendoza – Patricia del Castillo