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Christian Science Sentinel — Radio Edition
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Title: Feeling God’s grace—here and now
On Phone Lines: Until June 30
Have you ever wanted to feel God’s mercy and grace when going through a hard time, but felt undeserving of that love? Is it possible to receive the tender touch that heals and uplifts us? Hear first-hand experiences of guests who have drawn closer to God and found that mercy and grace right at hand – bringing healing to their lives. Guests: Melanie Wahlberg, Alfred Gemrich, Donna Haynes.

Title: Success, not failure
Broadcast: July 2
On Phone Lines: July 1 to 7
Success is something we all want in some way. But how can you be sure of success when you’re facing a big challenge or falling short is a familiar pattern in your life? The Bible has lots to say about how people have succeeded when failure seemed inevitable. The answer came through a resolute turning to God in prayer. And through the practice of Christian Science, people today are finding that genuine success is natural, through leaning on God. Hear about this, and listen to the experiences of our guests, David Kennedy, Christa Case Bryant, and Jennifer Swan.

Title: Harmony in marriage
Broadcast: July 9
On Phone Lines: July 8 to 14
Maintaining harmony in marriage is a number one priority for most couples. But this can sometimes be challenging, especially in difficult times. Many people have found that living from a spiritual, God-centered standpoint is a sure way to stay the course through thick and thin, and to strengthen a marriage. Unselfishness, loving consideration of another’s feelings, a treasuring of genuine spirituality—such qualities provide a solid basis for happiness. Hear about maintaining harmony in marriage from our guests, Kevin Graunke, Melanie Wahlberg, and Curtis Wahlberg.

Title: Divine help that doesn’t run out
Broadcast: July 16
On Phone Lines: July 15 to 21
If one is feeling uncertainty, fear, or despair after a natural disaster – and that help is not readily at hand – where does one turn? Is there something that can break through the feeling that it may not be possible to truly rebuild one’s life? Guests who are rebuilding their lives and homes after hurricane Katrina tell how turning to God is helping them move forward. Guests: John Hose, Lark Mason, Michelle Nanouche.

Title: Healing and the First Commandment
Broadcast: July 23
On Phone Lines: July 22 to 28
You’re probably familiar with the First Commandment found in the Bible’s book of Exodus. It’s a powerful statement of divine law recorded by Moses. It’s also a statement of great promise. It’s something we can put into practice every day in ways we may not even have thought about that can have a direct effect on our progress and well-being. Hear about healing and the First Commandment, and listen to the experiences of our guests, John Rinnert, Martha Moffett, and Abraham McLaughlin.

Title: Sharing Christian Science
Broadcast: July 30
On Phone Lines: July 29 to August 4
Have you ever wanted to share something that you found so helpful you just had to tell others about it? For many people, Christian Science has been such a blessing that they’re filled with the desire to share their inspiration and the good they’ve received through practicing it, in the spirit of Jesus’ instruction to his disciples, “Freely ye have received, freely give.” Hear how people’s lives were changed when someone shared this Bible-based teaching with them or someone in their family. Guests: Maryl Walters, Susan Schirm Teschke.

El Heraldo de la Christian Science — Spanish Radio Edition
Visit The Herald of Christian Science website ( where you’ll find The Herald published in 14 languages. And listen to El Heraldo on Sundays at 7:30 AM on KZZA 106.7 FM. Upcoming local broadcasts are:

  • June 25: Venciendo la depresión (Overcoming depression)
  • July 2: Por la seguridad de todos (For the safety of all)
  • July 9: El efecto sanador del Cristo (The healing effect of the Christ)
  • July 16: La provisión que no desaparece (Never-vanishing supply)
  • July 23: Venciendo ansiedades y preocupaciones (Overcoming worry and anxiety)
  • July 30: El pensar de Cristo (“The mind of Christ”)
  • August 6: La oración: respuesta a la violencia (Prayer: the answer to violence)
  • August 13: Nuestro derecho a la libertad (Our right to freedom)
  • August 20: Vida sin condena (Life without condemnation)
  • August 27: Decisiones basadas en la oración (Prayer based decisions)
  • September 3: La oración y el medio ambiente (Prayer and our environment)
  • September 10: El buen samaritano es usted (The good Samaritan is you)
  • September 17: Reclame su herencia spiritual (Claim your spiritual inheritance)
  • September 24: Respuestas espirituales a las imposiciones de la edad (Spiritual answers to impositions of age)