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    El Heraldo de la Christian Science — Spanish Radio Edition (El Heraldo de la Ciencia Cristiana)

Sunday Service at The Mother Church – You can listen to the full Sunday service, which includes the Weekly Bible Lesson, as it happened at The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, MA

Christian Science Sentinel — Radio Edition
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Title: Every need met by God
On Phone Lines: Until July 3
Are you struggling to make ends meet? A book with answers to that problem may already be in your home. Tune in to hear real life experiences of people who found the Bible brought blessings in the form of inspiration that uplifted and guided them during difficult financial challenges. They’ll tell what they read, how they prayed, and how those blessings met their needs. Hear first-hand accounts from guests Debby Miller, Barry Douglass, Elly Uehling, and Melissa Hayden.

Title: Living a life that blesses others
Broadcast: July 5
On Phone Lines: July 4 to 10
With all the trouble in the world, it may seem easy to spend your time focused on what’s going wrong. But some people are making the special effort to care for the needs of others. Living a life of blessing is a natural expression of who we are as children of God. And it does make a difference. Our guests talk about how they’ve experienced this in their own lives. Hear about living a life that blesses others. Guests: John Rinnert, Catherine Hellman, Justin Byrd, Emily Snead, Pamela Hawley.

Title: July 11 – 17 – The most powerful force in life–Love
Broadcast: July 12
On Phone Lines: July 11 to 17
Our guests for this discussion are Tony Lobl, Lyn Hoopes, Ellen Thompson, Joel Magnes, and Lois Carlson.

Title: Christian healing: Yours to receive, yours to offer
Broadcast: July 19
On Phone Lines: July 18 to 24
The Bible is full of accounts of healing. As you read about them, perhaps a couple of questions come to you. The first might be—would Christian healing be possible for someone like me? You might also want to know what it takes to heal others—and is that something I can do? People talk about proof of this spiritual healing power and how it can help you and others today. Guests: Rosemary Brown, Caryl Farkas, Mark Swinney.

Title: Nothing is impossible to God
Broadcast: July 26
On Phone Lines: July 25 to 31
In the middle of a physical condition that feels hopeless, can you expect healing? Can wholeheartedly turning to God make the difference? We’ll hear from guests who – in the midst of challenging physical problems — not only gained fresh hope and expectation, but experienced healing and they found what the Bible says to be true – that with God all things are possible. Hear their compelling, first-hand experiences from Jane Starrett, Stephen Lapointe, and Bill Moody.

El Heraldo de la Christian Science — Spanish Radio Edition
Visit The Herald of Christian Science website ( where you’ll find The Herald published in 14 languages. And listen to El Heraldo on Sundays at 7:30 AM on KZZA 106.7 FM. Upcoming local broadcasts are:

  • June 28: Encontrando lo que es correcto para nosotros (Finding what is right for us)
  • July 5: Encontrando en Cristo un roca estable (The Christ and our stability in life)
  • July 12: Nuestro pensar determina nuestro bienestar (Our thoughts determine our well-being)
  • July 19: Cómo vencer el sentido de soledad (How to overcome loneliness)
  • July 26: Remediar definitivamente los problemas que reaparecen (A permanent remedy for recurring problems)