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Title: God is real—tackling atheism
On Phone Lines: Until October 20
Does God really exist? Atheism says the answer is no. Yet millions around the world deeply believe that God is real and all-powerful. And many people say they can point to evidence of His love in their lives, evidence they feel is far more than wishful thinking or random good fortune. We’ll talk about the existence and nature of God, and hear from someone who began to believe in God when he was seeking healing of a serious physical condition. Guests: John Tyler, Giuseppe Carrubba.

Title: Freedom from contagion
Broadcast: October 22
On Phone Lines: October 21 to 27
Is there a dependable way to be free from contagion? Turning to God with an understanding of His all-power and goodness can provide a lasting basis for protection. Many people have found that yielding to God’s power and love through prayer helps prevent the fears and mental images of disease that underlie contagion. They’ve seen that disease has no foundation in divine law, and therefore no actual foundation in our lives. Hear about this from guests Margaret Rogers, Heather Worley, Tanner Johnsrud, and Tony Lobl.

Title: What’s influencing me?
Broadcast: October 29
On Phone Lines: October 28 to November 3
Each day so many messages compete for our attention–through ever-expanding media outlets, our contacts with others, or just through thoughts that may come to us when we’re alone. Some of these influences are beneficial. Some harmless. And many aren’t helpful at all. This is important to consider, because the Bible’s teachings show that there’s a definite relationship between quality of thought and quality of life. Hear how an understanding of God can help us be more alert to harmful influences. Guests: Ethel Baker, John Minard.

Title: Our God-given dominion
Broadcast: November 5
On Phone Lines: November 4 to 10
If you’re feeling weighed down by some situation that seems beyond your control, take heart. There’s something you can do about it. That “something” relates to the biblical truth of your God-given dominion as God’s image. It’s a powerful idea that can have a healing effect in our lives as we come to embrace it. It’s actually divine law, illustrated throughout the Scriptures. Hear about exercising your God-given dominion, and listen to the experiences of guests Ethel Baker and Duncan Wilder.

Title: How spiritual power sharpens our faculties
Broadcast: November 12
On Phone Lines: November 11 to 17
Hear from guests Laurie Toupin, Kenneth Girard, and Nathan A. Talbot about how spiritual power sharpens our faculties.

Title: Arresting theft—What can’t be stolen
Broadcast: November 19
On Phone Lines: November 18 to 24
Acts of theft frequently make the news—sometimes occurring on a large scale. But Bible teachings point out that each of us can contribute to a lessening of these crimes in our communities and beyond. Jesus taught that prayer can have a powerful effect in combating wrong-doing. And he brought out how
important it is for each individual to focus on the right kind of treasures–on what he called “treasures in heaven.” These can never be stolen.
Hear about the role you can play in helping to stop theft. Guests: Tony Lobl, Will Pappas, Janet Horton.

Title: Why go to church?
Broadcast: November 26
On Phone Lines: November 25 to December 1
Are there good reasons to go to church these days? Why go to church when it might seem you can live a happy and useful life without it? Some people have found very convincing answers to those questions. Our guests talk about how they’ve come to think of church as a powerful, healing force in their lives. They’ve found that worshipping God with others enables them to more consistently feel His love. Hear spiritual insights and a first-hand experience of healing. Guests: Virginia Hughes, Susan Mack, Mark Swinney.

El Heraldo de la Christian Science — Spanish Radio Edition
Visit The Herald of Christian Science website ( where you’ll find The Herald published in 14 languages. And listen to El Heraldo on Sundays at 7:30 AM on KZZA 106.7 FM. Upcoming local broadcasts are:

  • October 15: El Amor desplaza al contagio (Love displaces contagion)
  • October 22: ¿Qué és real para usted? (What is real for you?)
  • October 29: El designio de Dios no incluye la casualidad (God’s design precludes chance)
  • November 5: La enfermería de la Ciencia Cristiana (Christian Science Nursing)
  • November 12: El Bien: Sustancia, no sólo cualidad (Good: substance, not just a quality)
  • November 19: Acción de Gracias (Thanksgiving)
  • November 26: Las raíces de una buena salud (The roots of good health)
  • December 3: Todo tiene que ver con el Amor (Love’s got to do with everything)
  • December 10: La vida: ¿química o espiritual? (Life: chemical or spiritual?)
  • December 17: Navidad (Christmas)
  • December 24: Navidad (Christmas)
  • December 31: Curación del temor a lo desconocido (Healing fear of the unknown)