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Title: Turning off the noise, and actively following God’s lead
On Phone Lines: Until October 24
Jesus spoke clearly of the importance and power of prayer. He spoke of going into the closet, so to speak, shutting the door, and praying to God, our Father. There’s such a need these days to take Jesus’ instruction to heart—even if it seems as though life is going along smoothly. Shutting out the empty or harmful chatter of materialistic thinking through listening to what God is telling us in prayer can make a world of difference to our well-being. Hear about this, and listen to experiences of healing and transformation, from our guests: Courtney Buxton, Eli Reynolds.

Title: Resources for all
Broadcast: October 26
On Phone Lines: October 25 to 31
People are thinking a lot about resources these days–whether it relates to their own finances or to the world’s natural resources. And it often seems that there’s just not enough, or may not be enough down the road. But there’s a different view, based on a perception that God supplies all that we need and that His resources are without limit. Today, people are finding that their needs are being cared for — by coming to trust God’s provision more and letting go of fear of not having enough. Our guests talk about this, and share their experiences. Guests: Colleen Douglass, Jack Hubbell, Gillian Litchfield.

Title: Never trapped by mistakes
Broadcast: November 2
On Phone Lines: November 1 to 7
How often have you thought, “I wish I hadn’t done that”? While we may learn from our mistakes, we’d probably rather avoid them. But even if the results of a misstep are pretty severe, we don’t have to be trapped in a hopeless situation. There’s a powerful basis for progress and healing. It’s found in a better understanding of God and His love for us, and of who we really are as His image. We’ll talk about this, and you’ll hear the experiences of people who found freedom from being victimized by mistakes. Guests: Robin Hoagland, Michael Pabst, Debbie Bermel.

Title: Seeing and being who you really are
Broadcast: November 9
On Phone Lines: November 8 to 14
Are there areas of your life where you feel you just need to do better, but it seems something is in the way? Maybe a physical trouble or a damaged relationship or a stalled career is interfering with your happiness and progress. The solution may be to see and be more of who you really are, as made by God, with all the well-being that that includes. Hear the experiences of people who found this to be true in their own lives. Guests: Riley Seay, Robin Fulkerson.

Title: Divine power: overturning injustice in business
Broadcast: November 16
On Phone Lines: November 15 to 21
You’ve heard about it in the news–dishonesty and injustice in the business world. But what can you do if you’re facing some unjust situation in your own work? Hear from people who saw remarkable turnarounds in the face of some tough challenges–all through the power of God. Guests: Dick Kemp, Jeffrey Clements, Madelon Maupin Miles.

Title: Gratitude that leads to healing and abundant good
Broadcast: November 23
On Phone Lines: November 22 to 28
Giving thanks to God was an important part of Jesus’ healing ministry, and it’s a vital theme throughout the Bible. But what if it appears that there’s little if anything to be grateful for, if life at the moment seems to be an uphill struggle? To acknowledge with gratitude the presence of God and His goodness even when we feel there’s little evidence of good can be a helpful starting point for progress. It can open the way to a better experience—and healing. Hear about the significance of gratitude, and listen to the experiences of our guests, Bill Fabian, Heidi Van Patten, Amy Nickell.

Title: Lasting unity: it rests on a spiritual basis
Broadcast: November 30
On Phone Lines: November 29 to December 5
Is it possible to find unity even when clashing views make the prospects look dim? A unity that’s more than a fragile, personal effort to patch up differences? Many have found that we can achieve unity on a lasting basis, one that rests on more than fragile personal efforts to make things better. That basis is an understanding of the oneness and goodness of God and His all-powerful love.Hear the insights and experiences of our guests, Chrissie Brown and Nathan Talbot.

El Heraldo de la Christian Science — Spanish Radio Edition
Visit The Herald of Christian Science website ( where you’ll find The Herald published in 14 languages. And listen to El Heraldo on Sundays at 7:30 AM on KZZA 106.7 FM. Upcoming local broadcasts are:

  • October 19: La verdad innegable de la curación espiritual (Spiritual healing: an undeniable truth)
  • October 26: La Biblia: un libro para todas las épocas (The Bible: a book for the ages)
  • November 2: La curación espiritual no es un misterio (Spiritual healing is not a mystery)
  • November 9: El poder de la razon espiritual (The power of spiritual reasoning)
  • November 16: Liberémonos del temor al contagio (Finding freedom from contagion)
  • November 23: Accion de Gracias (Thanksgiving)
  • November 30: Sienta alegría por el bien de los demás (Feeling happy for others’ wellbeing)