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Title: The perfect God: a good place to start for healing in our lives
On Phone Lines: Until August 22
What’s the best starting point for problem solving of all kinds? When things aren’t going as they should, where do you begin? What can you do? Hear what happens when the search for solutions begins with the Creator and with how we’re made…..and hear about the healing that can result. You’ll hear not only about hope restored but about complete physical restoration as well. Listen to compelling first-hand experiences from our guests: Sarah Grossman, Sabrina Stillwell, Douglas Keith.

Title: “…with God all things are possible”
Broadcast: August 24
On Phone Lines: August 23 to 29
It can be discouraging when we’re dealing with some trouble that seems too big to overcome. At such times, Jesus’ words “…with God all things are possible” can turn us in a more hopeful direction. Many people have found that the power of God is practical today. And they’ve seen that the restoration of health and harmony through an understanding of God isn’t a miracle, but the natural result of divine law in operation. Hear about this, and listen to first-hand experiences of our guests: Leon May, Sarah Hyatt, John Kohler.

Title: Reacting with fear or anger? Listen to what God is telling you
Broadcast: August 31
On Phone Lines: August 30 to September 5
Do you often react with fear or anger to stories in the news or to things that come up in your own life? Is there a way to get beyond habitual negative reacting? Is there something you can do that will enable you to live less by reacting to events and more by responding to the love of God? Hear the first-hand experiences of people who tell how they felt the power of God and found resolution to their problems. Guests: Riley Seay, John Ranson, Jill Gooding.

Title: Anxiety overcome, peace restored
Broadcast: September 7
On Phone Lines: September 6 to 12
Sometimes situations arise that can seem overwhelming and panic or worry sets in. Sometimes anxiety grows, even when there is no cause for it. Is there a way out of this anxiety? Listen to the first-hand experiences of people who have found the way out through turning to God and acknowledging daily, their unbroken relation to God. Guests: Pamela Cook, John Ranson, Channing Walker.

Title: The divine law of health, the promise of healing
Broadcast: September 14
On Phone Lines: September 13 to 19
Learn what has been healing and saving people for centuries: God’s law of health. Hear the first-hand experiences of people who tend to look beyond the fluctuating do’s and don’ts of health to reliance on the stability of a higher law. And hear about the remarkable results. Guests: Russ Wolff, Philip Osagie, Allison T. DeMarkles, Robert Coe Gilbert.

Title: A new school year–with God
Broadcast: September 21
On Phone Lines: September 20 to 26
Regardless of what concerns the start of a new school year may bring–for students, faculty, or parents–many have found that turning to God in prayer can bring practical answers. It can bring confidence where there may have been fear, an improvement in academic performance, a harmonizing of relationships. It can bring to light the constant presence of God’s wisdom and guidance. Guests: David Stevens, David Bates, Karen Gould.

Title: The truth that makes you free
Broadcast: September 28
On Phone Lines: September 27 to October 3
You may have heard these words at some point–Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. Those are words attributed to Christ Jesus. What is this truth that can bring freedom from fear, illness, worry and suffering? And what does it mean to know that truth? Hear how people were freed from illness and suffering as they learned more about the truth of being. Guests: Eleanor Bigbie, Stacey Lee, John Rinnert.

El Heraldo de la Christian Science — Spanish Radio Edition
Visit The Herald of Christian Science website ( where you’ll find The Herald published in 14 languages. And listen to El Heraldo on Sundays at 7:30 AM on KZZA 106.7 FM. Upcoming local broadcasts are:

  • August 17: ¿En qué está pensando? (What are you thinking about?)
  • August 24: Ideas sanadoras para el alcoholismo (Healing ideas for alcoholism)
  • August 31: El bien desinteresado y nuestro progreso (Unselfish good and our progress)
  • September 7: Nuestro valor y utilidad nunca se pierde (Our worth and usefulness is never lost)
  • September 14: Supersticiones modernas (Modern superstitions)
  • September 21: La curación espiritual en situaciones difíciles (Spiritual healing in challenging situations)
  • September 28: El poder de la unidad (Power of unity)