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    El Heraldo de la Christian Science — Spanish Radio Edition (El Heraldo de la Ciencia Cristiana)

Sunday Service at The Mother Church – You can listen to the full Sunday service, which includes the Weekly Bible Lesson, as it happened at The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, MA

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Title: Spiritual growth
On Phone Lines: Until August 26
What does it mean to grow spiritually–and does it have any practical benefit? Jesus’ words “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness” show what this progress is all about, and its importance in our lives. And many people have come to see that ongoing prayer and spiritual study can help meet daily needs in the most effective way. Hear about spiritual growth, and how it helps meet our daily needs from guests Robin Hoagland and Carole Carter.

Title: How students can be secure and safe at school
Broadcast: August 28
On Phone Lines: August 27 to September 2
Hear how students can be secure and safe at school from guests Donald Ingwerson, Jerri Johnson, Kent, Evan, Jim Bencivenga, and Linda Kiefer.

Title: Intelligence without limits
Broadcast: September 4
On Phone Lines: September 3 to 9
Are you facing a problem that seems insurmountable? Needing to find that inspiration and insight to finish a project or complete a tough exam? What if the solution was right at hand? And, the source of intelligence available to everyone? Hear from people who’ve faced down doubts and fears to find dominion as they’ve understood where true intelligence comes from. Guests: Daniel R. D. Scott and Melanie Wahlberg.

Title: Countering terrorism
Broadcast: September 11
On Phone Lines: September 10 to 16
Counteracting terrorism can seem like a tall order, but it's not naive to think that each of us can do something – through prayer. The Bible provides a powerful basis for prayer through its teaching that God is All and totally good and that the true nature of everyone is His peaceful likeness. People today are proving that an understanding of God, and a growing resolve to view others from a spiritual standpoint, can promote greater peace and safety. Guests: George Moffett, Jessica Morse, and Neera Kapur.

Title: Incorruptible integrity
Broadcast: September 18
On Phone Lines: September 17 to 23
In the pushes and pulls of day to day life, how can you really know the right course to take? How can we maintain our integrity without being corrupted or pulled off course? What can we do if someone else takes action that doesn’t seem based on integrity? We’ll be taking a look at this topic from a spiritual perspective. Guests: James Thurman and Heather Frederick.

Title: A landmark experience
Broadcast: September 25
On Phone Lines: September 24 to 30
Is there something that you’d consider a landmark experience in your life? We’ll hear about a landmark physical healing that one person experienced. We’ll hear about the spiritual revelations that broke through during that troubling condition, and that brought healing. We’ll also hear how that person’s life has changed. Guest: Phillip Hockley.

El Heraldo de la Christian Science — Spanish Radio Edition
Visit The Herald of Christian Science website ( where you’ll find The Herald published in 14 languages. And listen to El Heraldo on Sundays at 7:30 AM on KZZA 106.7 FM. Upcoming local broadcasts are:

  • August 21: Que se haga Tu voluntad (Thy will be done)
  • August 28: Sanando la culpabilidad (Healing guilt)
  • September 4: Nuestro comportamiento es la mejor prédica (Our behavior, the best preaching)
  • September 11: Libertad en el corazón (Freedom in the heart)
  • September 18: Nunca separados de Dios (Never separated from God)
  • September 25: La actualidad de Cristo Jesús (Christ Jesus’ relevance today)