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Title: God’s protective power–ours to utilize wherever we are
On Phone Lines: Until April 18
Can we be certain of our safety, wherever we are? Or are we dependent on circumstances, and subject to the actions of others? Many people have found that relying on the one God, on His supremacy and love, in every circumstance, places our safety on the highest basis. Hear the first-hand experiences of people who relied on God for their safety in some tough situations, and found His law of good to be a sure help. Guests: Chris Johnson, Kari Mashos, James Spencer.

Title: “The Lord is my Shepherd”
Broadcast: April 20
On Phone Lines: April 19 to 25
The well-known words from the Bible “The Lord is my Shepherd” are a tender reminder of God’s love for each one of us, of His constant guidance and comforting care. It can also help us see that genuine satisfaction and progress come not through personal will or self-assertion but through a willingness to be led by God in all that we do. To follow His direction through the teachings and example of Jesus, can bring profound renewal to our lives. Hear about this, and about an instance of a life renewed with guests Nate Talbot and Kate Lazarus.

Title: Fresh hope, new possibilities, and the demise of cynicism
Broadcast: April 27
On Phone Lines: April 26 to May 2
Has cynicism become a habit? Does it seem wise to distrust the motives of most people in authority? Hear from those who felt they had a good reason to be cynical, but chose a different course—a God-inspired one, you might say—that moved events in a helpful direction. Guests: Phil Davis, Sandy Portincaso, James Rosebush.

Title: Allergies? There’s a healing solution
Broadcast: May 4
On Phone Lines: May 3 to 9
Many people yearn to be free from allergies, and the Bible provides a fresh, reassuring perspective, one that supports complete freedom from physical troubles, including allergies. The Bible tells us about God’s omnipotence and that prayer helps us to experience His power in daily life. The Scriptures also bring out the relationship of God to His children, which underlies healing through spiritual means. Hear about a healing solution to allergies from guests Candace du Mars, Richard Stillman, Susan Collins.

Title: Triumph in adversity
Broadcast: May 11
On Phone Lines: May 10 to 16
Are you struggling with an ongoing physical problem? Or having trouble with a difficult long-standing family situation? Can we find solutions in the middle of difficult circumstances? Can we triumph in adversity? Learn how to find comfort, peace, and health. Guests: Giselle Jordan, Rhea Buck, Bill Moody.

Title: A way out of depression
Broadcast: May 18
On Phone Lines: May 17 to 23
If you’ve been struggling with depression, there’s a reliable basis for hope and healing in the Bible’s assurance that “God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.” Regardless of the apparent causes of depression or how long someone may have felt imprisoned by it, we can see it dissolve in the light of God’s all powerful love. There’s no darkness of fear, no thick layer of discouragement or sadness in God, or in us as His likeness. Hear how a Bible-based, spiritual view of God and His creation can open the way to freedom from depression. Guests: Elise Moore, Kim Kilduff, Doug Sytsma.

Title: The thoughts and theology that lift up lives
Broadcast: May 25
On Phone Lines: May 24 to 30
Whether or not we realize it, our everyday thoughts are not independent of our expectations, our well-being, or the direction our lives take. Thoughts can shape attitudes, lead to action — even determine health. In short, the quality of our thoughts makes an enormous difference in the quality of our lives. Hear how people’s lives, including their health, were made better by changing the way they think. Hear a compelling discussion and first-hand experiences from our guests: Lynne Buckley-Quirk, Mary Ann Livingston, Tony Lobl.

Title: Patience and persistence when it’s most needed
Broadcast: June 1
On Phone Lines: May 31 to June 6
Are you struggling with a long-term physical trouble that just doesn’t give way to your best efforts? Many have found permanent healing by looking to a different basis for health–a spiritual one. Hear how persistent prayer healed a woman of a debilitating disease when the outlook seemed anything but hopeful. Guests: Jacklyn J. Williams, Judy Wolff, Karl S. Sandberg.

El Heraldo de la Christian Science — Spanish Radio Edition
Visit The Herald of Christian Science website ( where you’ll find The Herald published in 14 languages. And listen to El Heraldo on Sundays at 7:30 AM on KZZA 106.7 FM. Upcoming local broadcasts are:

  • April 13: Ideas para dar su próximo paso (Ideas for your next step)
  • April 20: El poder que nos regenera (The power that regenerates our lives)
  • April 27: Encuentre renovación en su vida (Finding renewal in our lives)