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Title: Parenting with God by your side
On Phone Lines: Until April 24
Being a parent these days requires a lot of alertness, strength, patience, and love. But parents are not really alone in caring for their children. God is the divine Parent, always present to guide everyone, whatever the need. And nothing is more practical than praying to Him as the source of all wisdom and strength and healing. Hear about this from parents who have turned to God in caring for their children from our guests: Jonatha Wey, Mark Swinney, David Boggs.

Title: The Love that heals
Broadcast: April 26
On Phone Lines: April 25 to May 1
The love that other people express can certainly help us in difficult times. It brings a comfort that strengthens us and assures us we’re not alone. Yet many individuals are yearning for something even more. Hear from people who’ve found, as a result of prayer, the powerful, transforming love that heals. This love comes from God, and reflects His nature as divine Love itself.Listen to the insights and first-hand experiences of our guests, Bill Moody, Gwenn Gurnack, Donna Harrison Haynes, and Allison Rose.

Title: Your God-given innocence, bringing healing to your life
Broadcast: May 3
On Phone Lines: May 2 to 8
Is true innocence naivete or a powerful spiritual force for good? Does discovering our inherent innocence make a difference in our lives? We’ll hear from people who resoundingly think it does. They found healing and resolution to problems by learning more about their own and others’ God-given innocence. Guests: Mary Ten Eyck, Kate Dearborn, Sandy Sandberg, and Pauline Hutchinson.

Title: Global warming: how a spiritual view of creation can help our environment
Broadcast: May 10
On Phone Lines: May 9 to 15
Is there something that each of us can do to lessen the potentially harmful effects of global warming, something we may not even have considered? Can how we think about our world and about the nature of life itself have a direct effect on our environment? Hear from people who’ve thought deeply about this issue and are convinced that a more spiritual view of life, and prayer based on that view, can play a powerful role in helping to meet this challenge effectively. Guests: Greg Lamb, Tony Lobl, Colleen Douglass, David C. Kennedy.

Title: Knowing yourself as God knows you
Broadcast: May 17
On Phone Lines: May 16 to 22
How well do we really know ourselves? Shakespeare said, “to thine own self be true….” But how do we find our true self? We’ll take a look at how we can all know ourselves in a way that really matters – and that brings healing. We’ll find out how we can know ourselves as God knows us. Hear some compelling first-hand experiences and an enlightening discussion from our guests: Cynthia Tyler, Edward Sieber, and Lynne Buckley-Quirk.

Title: Why go to church?
Broadcast: May 24
On Phone Lines: May 23 to 29
Are there good reasons to go to church these days? Why go to church when it might seem you can live a happy and useful life without it? Some people have found very convincing answers to those questions. Our guests talk about how they’ve come to think of church as a powerful, healing force in their lives. They’ve found that worshipping God with others enables them to more consistently feel His love. Hear spiritual insights and a first-hand experience of healing from our guests, Virginia Hughes, Susan Mack, and Mark Swinney.

Title: Prayer: powerful and effective
Broadcast: May 30
On Phone Lines: May 30 to June 5
Can prayer really be effective? What effects can it have? Is there only one way to pray? Hear from people who’ve prayed a lot in their lives, and hear about the powerful results. Also, learn more about how you can pray. Guests: Diana Davis Butler, Evan Mehlenbacher, Marjorie Kehe, Channing Walker.

El Heraldo de la Christian Science — Spanish Radio Edition
Visit The Herald of Christian Science website ( where you’ll find The Herald published in 14 languages. And listen to El Heraldo on Sundays at 7:30 AM on KZZA 106.7 FM. Upcoming local broadcasts are:

  • April 19: Su seguridad (Your security)
  • April 26: Una comunicación armoniosa, eficaz, y duradera (Harmonious, effective, and lasting communication)
  • May 3: Nuestra inocencia original (Our original innocence)
  • May 10: ¿A qué puede recurrir de inmediato en situaciones de peligro? (What can we turn to in dangerous situations?)
  • May 17: La búsqueda de lo que es bueno para nosotros (The search for what is good for us)
  • May 24: Una salida de la adicción a las drogas (A way out of drug addiction)
  • May 31: ¿Qué es lo más valioso? (What’s your most valuable possesion?)