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Title: Only patterns of good
On Phone Lines and the Web: Until April 27
We get used to patterns of behaviour in our lives. Many of these are useful, like our daily routines—eating, sleeping, working. Some of them can be heartwarming, like spending quality time with friends and family, and finding quiet time for communion with God. But some patterns aren’t so positive. What about when our bodies repeat episodes of suffering and we start to expect it to reappear. This was the issue faced by the contributors to the next edition of Sentinel Watch, who describe their journeys to freedom from unwanted patterns of allergy and accident. Join us to discover “only patterns of good.” Guests: Sandy Brooks, Kathleen Moyer.

Title: Gain a victory over disappointment
Broadcast: April 29
On Phone Lines and the Web: April 28 to May 4
Following a job interview, one of our contributors went to a quiet place to pray—and as she did, a passage in the Bible helped her uncover, confront, and overcome what she saw as “a long-standing fear of risking disappointment.” In turn, that led her to get a job that looked like it would have otherwise slipped away. If fear of disappointment has been disappointing your efforts to gain the good you desire, then perhaps this edition of Sentinel Watch is for you! Guests: Mark Swinney, Nikki Paulk, Virginia Hughes.

Title: A knowledge of God defeats depression
Broadcast: May 6
On Phone Lines and the Web: May 5 to 11
At any age depression seems unfair for anyone struggling with it, but somehow it seems even more unjust when it tries to swallow up the joy of youth. Our contributors faced depression that started in their teens, and both won complete freedom after journeys of spiritual discovery. For one that meant discovering the practicality of the ideas of healing she had been learning about in a Christian Science Sunday School. The other discovered, to her great joy, that the God she had hoped was out there actually did exist. Above all, both of them discovered a God that loved them, cared for them, and was able to bring permanent healing from depression. Guests: Courtenay Rule, Elaina Simpson.

Title: God—a very present help on campus
Broadcast: May 13
On Phone Lines and the Web: May 12 to 18
Often people feel that God is increasingly being excluded from life on college campuses. And while it’s true that perceptions of religion are constantly changing among academics and students, it’s very hard to keep omnipresent divine Spirit out of anywhere, including colleges and universities! That’s why Sentinel Watch talked to people about their experiences of turning to God on campus, in times of need, and found God was right there with healing answers to their problems. Whether you’re a student, an academic, or just an interested bystander, we hope you’ll find these stories of discovering God to be a “very present help” on campus both inspiring and educational. Guests: Sara Lang, Roger Gordon, Robby Butler, Marjorie Kehe, William Whittenbury, Amy Lang.

Title: The power of God to unify humanity
Broadcast: May 20
On Phone Lines and the Web: May 19 to 25
Have you ever been judged unfairly because of your race, culture, or background? Is there a way to bring healing to those situations? There is a power to knowing our true relation to our creator—a power that unifies us even when prejudice would divide. On the next Sentinel Watch, hear how our guests overcame anger and overt racism through seeing themselves and others as God sees us all—as the spiritual image of Himself. Guests: Jim Brown, Mark McCurties, Herb Webb.

Title: Discovering your essential place in God’s creation
Broadcast: May 27
On Phone Lines and the Web: May 26 to June 1
It is a most wonderful feeling to know that you matter to someone, somewhere. But what if you mattered to everyone, everywhere? Well, you do! In fact, you are essential because you and everyone else are included in God’s creation, and God’s creation would not be complete without your unique expression of the creator. Responding to your questions sent in via our website,, our guest shares insights from the Bible and from the writings of Mary Baker Eddy that show just how vital each individual is to God’s purpose and plan. Guest: Michael Pabst.

El Heraldo de la Christian Science — Spanish Radio Edition
Visit The Herald of Christian Science website ( where you’ll find The Herald published in 14 languages. And listen to El Heraldo on Sundays at 7:30 AM on KZZA 106.7 FM. Upcoming local broadcasts are:

  • April 22: ¿Cómo comienza su oración? (How do you start your prayer?)
  • April 29: La guía de Dios (God’s guidance)
  • May 6: La oración sobre la economía (Prayer about the economy)
  • May 13: Dios, un Padre-Madre presente en todo (God, Father-Mother present everywhere)
  • May 20: El gobierno de Dios (Divine government)
  • May 27: Su seguridad (Your security)