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What’s On This Site

Our committee’s mission is to broadcast the good news of Christian Science. We do that by placing radio programs in both English and Spanish on various local stations and making inspiring recordings available 24/7/365 via telephone. Some short inspirational pieces are also available on this website.

On our Links and Resources page you’ll find a large number of resources where you can investigate Christian Science more deeply.

This website also lists local lectures and other events having to do with Christian Science and area churches.

A listing of North Texas area Christian Science churches and Reading Rooms is on the Directory page.

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Christian Science Basics
If you’re not familiar with Christian Science yet, here’s some basic information. The term “Christian Science” was introduced by Mary Baker Eddy, who discovered this science and eventually founded the Christian Science church. She used the term to “…designate the scientific system of divine healing.” This healing is based on the Bible and practiced today in the same way that Christ Jesus healed physical, emotional, financial, and all other kinds of problems centuries ago. It is Christian because it is Bible-based and God-centered, and it is scientific because it is based on understanding and practicing some fundamental spiritual laws.

Eddy’s primary work is Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, which contains the definitive explanation of Christian Science. Other works of hers are available from Christian Science Reading Rooms (see the Directory page) and there are weekly and monthly magazines that provide a present-day perspective of many people practicing Christian Science today (check out the Links and Resources page to find those).