Hearts & Hands Across the Water

Songs for the World
A Free Virtual Concert

Sunday, April 5
5 to 6:45 PM Central Time
online at bit.ly/heartsandhandsconcert



Dear Friends,

Palm Sunday, this coming Sunday, was the day the disciples followed Jesus to what they thought would be the culmination of his purpose and theirs. He was adored as the Messiah by the crowd as he entered Jerusalem. The week ended very differently with another crowd calling for his death. So much for the reliable wisdom of crowds or popularity.

Rather than feeling in control with Jesus physically leading and being with them in a victory march he was gone from them within five days and they felt vulnerable, they quarantined themselves behind locked doors, they had uncertainty about what to do next, how long the danger would last, who would be lost…many today might find something to identify with in those feelings. 

We invite you to join this streamed concert this Sunday with Lola Kristine Hennicke and Alex Cook.

Executive Director, Bible and Spiritual Life Community