Old Friends, New Vision by Richard Harley

Richard HarleyThis Bible seminar is by Richard Harley, the editor of “Contexticon of New Testament Language.” He directs a collaboration of leading New Testament scholars who are producing a new online resource that enables Bible readers to take a fresh look at spiritually significant words used by early Christian authors.

This talk will be on Thursday, May 29, from 7 to 9 PM at Third Church of Christ, Scientist, 4419 Oak Lawn Avenue, Dallas, TX 75219.

Here’s a flyer, including RSVP instructions.

TMC Annual Meeting 2014

The Leaves is hosting an Annual Meeting of the Mother Church event on Monday, June 2, at 11:30 AM. Brown bag your lunch. The Leaves will supply drinks and dessert. Please call Beth Powell at 972-643-3553 to make your reservations.

The 2014 theme of Annual Meeting is “A spiritual foundation of Christ-healing.”

Here’s a flyer.

The way out for you (AKA TWO4U)

lapointeLaura Lapointe will be sharing some inspirational ideas, and experiences from a series of prison lectures in the Texas prison system, at the Leaves on:

Friday, June 6 at 1:30 PM

There will be a light lunch before the talk. Please call Beth Powell at 972-643-3553 to make your lunch reservations.

Here’s a flyer.

Thanks to Third Church of Christ, Scientist, Dallas, for sponsoring this event!

El poder sanador de la Biblia

Elise Moore
Elise Moore
Escucha curaciones: desempleo, tumor, absceso dental.

La conferencista: Elise Moore.

  • 25 anos en el ministerio de sanacion cristiana
  • Es un capellan que sana y ayuda a las personas sin hogar
  • Organiza conferencias interreligiosas
  • Ensena la curacion de la Ciencia Cristiana


Domingo, 18 de mayo 2014 a las 4:00 p.m.
Puedes llamar para escuchar esta conferencia al (605) 475-5900, clave 770706#).

El poder sanador de la Biblia.